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Our acid-etching process is done using our proprietary vertical position, which is a clean, efficient process and allows us to produce single or double-sided etching. We chemically modify the glass without rollers, lasers, or sandblasters. This can be done with a variety of glass sizes and quantities, which saves time and money. The matte image and its opacity are adjustable depending on the use of the glass. Glass parameters are precisely determined and controlled using the most modern equipment. The production process and equipment are proprietary intellectual property of our company. OcuGlass, LLC is located in Michigan, making us the only acid-etched glass manufacturer in the U.S. We pride ourselves on personal service and high-quality products.


  • Furniture

  • Dividing Walls

  • Wall Coverings 

  • Office Partitions

  • Shower & Bath Enclosures 

  • Interior & Exterior Doors

  • Windows

  • Balustrades & Railings

  • Flooring & Stairs

  • Curtain Walls

  • Displays & Shelving

  • Custom Applications


  • Sizes up to 96" x 130"

  • Custom quantity options

  • Any thickness over 0.7mm

  • Clear, Low-Iron, Mirror and other substrates

  • Single or double-sided etching

  • Various opacity levels

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You can count us to be personal, friendly, and willing to adapt to your needs.


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