• Brad Aldrich

2019 - Let's Go!

Let’s go! To spice things up a bit in 2019, OcuGlass has launched a website blog as well as social media platforms which include Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat. We invite you to follow along as Team OG continues to develop relationships and perform together.


EVERYONE should read our blog! (But especially employees, community members, innovators in the glass and architecture industries, our vendors and current or future customers). The blogs will be written by employees (Team OG).


We plan to highlight our Five Focal Points with fun, informational and inspiring posts. Some posts will be ongoing features, while others will be one-hit wonders. We will use photos and videos to keep things “exciting”.

Our Five Focal Points are:

Safety – Close-call stories, improvement opportunities, and new regulation information.

Relationships – Employee spotlights (ongoing), vendor stories, customer projects and visits

Efficiency – Production and business improvements and engineering ideas.

Quality – Current products, R&D projects, and waste elimination methods.

Growth – Leadership concepts, company culture, and product launches.

We are also open to blogging about your ideas so let us know what’s on your mind.


Our blog posts will be on our website (www.ocuglass.net) as well as linked to our Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat.


No set schedule. Not so often that it’s annoying, but often enough that you aren’t bored waiting.


We have been wanting to get our message out there. Not just our sales message and the hope for increased revenue that comes with it, but our message of community and team. We put relationships first and what a better way to talk with people in 2019 than social media. We believe in partners, not customers. Without healthy partnerships between employees and with vendors, customers and our community, we don’t have a business. Plus, it wouldn’t be any fun. We’re doing this so you can get to know OcuGlass and Team OG. And so we can get to know you.

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