Dry-Erase Marker
Dry-Erase Marker

Dry-erase marker writes with clarity and ease.

Erases Dry
Erases Dry

Dry-erase marker erases with dry cloth or eraser.

Permanent Marker
Permanent Marker

Permanent Marker writes with clarity and ease.

Erases with Cleaner
Erases with Cleaner

Erases perfectly with simple household cleaner.

OcuWrite is our newest, most innovative chemically-etched product. This glass will advance the glass markerboard industry with its consistent, unique, and classy features. OcuWrite has an etch that is unmatched. It eliminates glare and provides a high-quality writing surface. Dry-erase markers write and wipe off with ease. Permanent markers write on with clarity, do not rub off with dry cloth, but wipe off easily with household glass cleaner. Project images in great detail with our etch.

Spray Painted has been Tested and cleaned off with no residue or ghosting!


  • Glass Markerboards

  • Writeable Surfaces

    • Desks​

    • Conference Tables

    • Office Partitions

  • Bus Shelters​

  • Decorative Features

  • Projection Surfaces


  • Thicknesses from 2mm - 19mm

  • Up to 96" x 130" sheet size

  • Substrates

    • Customer-provided substrate options

    • Clear, low-iron, mirror, tinted, or many others

  • Stoce or crate shipping with trusted company

  • Truckload & case quantities are available