We are open and operating.  Our priority is the safety of our Team and we will follow all CDC guidelines to keep them healthy and safe.  We sincerely hope that all of you are healthy.  We will come together as an industry to get through this unprecedented time.


We are the only acid-etched manufacturer in the United States. Our production, sales, and business operations are all here in Calumet, MI.  We strive to create American, family-sustaining jobs in our community.


Our top priority is to build healthy relationships with our employees, customers, vendors, and our community.  We believe that great relationships create sustained growth.


Our promise is to perform together.  We know it will take each and every one of us to be successful.  We have to work with a team-first mentality.  We value our partnerships with customers and vendors and realize that performing with you is vital to growth.

Team OG

As a team, we are focused on Safety, Relationships, Efficiency, Quality, and Growth.

We have set goals to ensure that we continually improve by performing together.


The safety of our employees and the environment.

Healthy relationships among our employees and with our customers, vendors, and community.

An efficient facility, workflow, production process, and financial process.


Quality, consistent, and innovative products.

Continued growth in sales, production, and community involvement.